Saturday, December 5, 2009

There Is

Listen!  Listen!  Listen quickly, there's no time!

There is a beach, I don't know where, and on the beach a crab is crawling up the sand.  The waves come in - whoooosh! - and wash the crab out to sea.  There is wisdom here, listen!  He crawls back.

Somewhere else, an ant carries sand.  She piles her grain with the others - so many others! - and there is wisdom in this.  Listen!  A boy, a small boy, he watches, and when the anthill is complete, he jumps - crash! - and kicks it away.  The ants carry it back.

Listen, listen to me!  Won't you listen?


Deb Markanton said...

Thanks for that. I've been rather despondent lately about a serious lack of ideas regarding my writing. Freaking out over the small space that is my brain reserves. Is giving up specific to us humans?

Unknown said...

Not even a little bit. Despair is universal.

I think humans are the only species that gets upset over things that haven't or will never happen, though. My cats don't seem to care much when their stories get rejected.