Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Keeping Up With the Jonezzezz

It's super-story day as I catch up with the three days of holiday traveling I did. Whee!


Chad and Lisa watched the new house crumble in the breeze. It was made of sand, though patterned like brick. They were so busy staring out the side window that the doorbell startled them.

The form outside was nominally female, clad in an apron, rubber gloves, and full-face gas-mask. She bulged oddly, as though made of clay that was constantly being reworked.

"Yes?" said Lisa.

The woman's voice was a layered buzzing, strangely resonant. "Borrowzz... zzugar?" Her hand came up, clinging to a dirty measuring cup. Several ants fell out of her sleeve.

Lisa glanced at Chad. Chad nodded urgently.

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