Saturday, December 12, 2009

Falling on My Head

“It’s been kind of weird.”

“I guess we’ll get used to it eventually.”

A car splashed through a puddle on the street. “Ow, ow,” said the puddle.

“I think my toilet tried to grope me the other night.”

“The toilet?”

“Well, you know, the… inside.”

“Ah. I’m amazed you can still use it. Mine kept making retching sounds. I rented a Port-a-Potty.”

They walked in silence down the rainy street for a time. A stream of water chuckled darkly as it slithered into a storm drain.

“It’s just been weird, is all.”


“Wheeeee!” cried the raindrops as they fell.


r2d2y said...

the rain finally getting to you?

Unknown said...

We talked out our differences. It's really hard because you have to get the debate in before the drop hits the ground, and then you have to start over with the next drop because it wasn't listening.