Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"The Shallows" at Flash Fiction Online

My flash fiction The Shallows is presently available in September's issue of Flash Fiction online.  One alien ship and a thousand words.

This one was inspired back when they thought they'd clocked neutrinos exceeding the speed of light and sparked all kinds of crazy speculation even though all the actual scientists suggested it was probably experimental error.  It actually was experimental error, of course, but what if it wasn't?  ;-)

Anything is theoretically possible.

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The streetlights cast shadows as I ride.  A man on a motorcycle appears, attenuates, is gone.  Another.  Another.  They race on, splinters of night, flaked from me like chips of flint.  They are faster than I; I cannot win. 

The sky twinkles, and grows dimmer. 

They are stealing the stars, I realize, one by one, riding on tenebrous wheels into the dark between the stars.  They will make a universe of shadows, and there they will rule. 

There is so little light to begin with. 

But I don’t stop.  I keep riding. 

I can only hope to get home first.