Elsewhere - Nathan's Writing in Other Venues

Short Stories
"What We're Having," (Text and Audio) Strange Horizons (June 15)
"Sticks and Stones," (Audio) PodCastle #366 (June 1)
"Enginesong," (Anthology, reprint) Ceaseless West (April)
"The Sea of Wives," (Audio) PodCastle #344 (March 12)

"All the Tribes of the Earth Shall Mourn," Mythic Delirium (December 31)
"Toadwords," Daily Science Fiction (October 31)
"Columbidae," Flash Fiction Online (October)
"Why I Bought Satan Two Cokes on the Day I Graduated High School," (Anthology) Unidentified Funny Objects 3 (October)
"The Wisest Stone and the Zoo," (Anthology) Darke Phantastique (October)
"The Shallows," (audio) Toasted Cake #114 (July 21)
"Roundabout," (Text and audio) Intergalactic Medicine Show Issue 40 (July)
"Enginesong," (audio) Podcastle #312 (May 22)
"The Strongest Man in the World," Daily Science Fiction (May 13)
"Stonebones," Beneath Ceaseless Skies #142 (March 6)
"Sticks and Stones," Crossed Genres #14 (February)
"Silver and Copper, Iron and Ash," (Audio) Pseudopod #372 (February 7)
"Enginesong," (Text and audio) Beneath Ceaseless Skies #138 (January 9)

"The Alchemist's Children," (Audio) Cast of Wonders #110 (December 30)
"Dragonslayer," (Audio) PodCastle #285 (November 9)
"Silver and Copper, Iron and Ash," (Preview available) Coins of Chaos (October)
"The Shallows," Flash Fiction Online (September)
"No More Teachers, No More Books," (Audio), Toasted Cake #73 (June)
"Wings," (Audio) Pseudopod #324 (March 8)
"Playing to Win," (Paywall) Penumbra Magazine, Vol. 2, Issue 6 (March)

"Always Grinning," (Audio) Pseudopod, Episode #303 (October 12)
"The Alchemist's Children," (Anthology) Unidentified Funny Objects (October)
"White as a Bedroom Door," (Audio) Pseudopod, Episode #299 (September 14)
"Dragonslayer," (Paywall) Intergalactic Medicine Show, Issue 30 (September)
"Gastrophidia," Ideomancer, Volume 11, Issue 3 (September)
"I Kill Monsters," (Audio), Cast of Wonders, Episode #47 (August 3)
"All Unlooked For," Parsec Ink's Triangulation Anthology: Morning After (August)
"Nemesis," (Audio) Escape Pod #348 (June 7)
"Lightblind," (Audio) Toasted Cake Podcast, Episode #22 (May)
"The Life and Times of Otto Van Maark and His Luxuriant Beard," Liquid Imagination, Volume 12 (March)
"Lightblind," (Paywall) Sparks anthology, ed. Danielle Dawson, Earthbound Fiction (February)
"Boll Weevil," (Audio) Drabblecast #231 (January 31)
"Terrible Lizard King," Allegory E-zine, Vol. 17/44 (January 1)

"Cocklebur," (Paywall) Penumbra Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 2 (November)
"I Kill Monsters," Daily Science Fiction (October 28)
"Tír na nÓg," (Audio) Cast of Wonders, Episodes 3-5 (August)
"Boll Weevil," (Paywall) Parsec Ink's Triangulation: Last Contact anthology (July 23)
"As Fast As You Can," Daily Science Fiction (May 13)
"The Cowboy, the Horse, and the Scorpion," The Journal of Unlikely Entomology, Issue 1 (May)
"Concrete," Abyss & Apex, Issue 38 (April)
"Terrible Lizard King," (Audio) Pseudopod, Episode 316 (March 25)
"May He Reign Forever," (Audio) The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine, Episode 91 (January 12)

"Metastasis," (Audio) Cast Macabre, Episode 27 (December 12)

Poetry and Microfiction (under 500 words)
"A Traveler from a Distant Land," (Audio) Drabblecast 316 (March 16)

"Aversion Therapy," (Audio) Drabblecast 269 (January 17)
"A Few Errands," (Audio) Drabblecast 276 (March 19)
"Structural Decay," (Audio), Drabblecast 290 (July 30)

"All at Once," (Audio) Journey Into..., Episode 29 (March 9)
"Moving the Goalposts," (Audio) Drabblecast 238 (March 29)
"Apartment 14B," Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Flush Fiction anthology (April 3)
"Forks and Skewers," (Audio) The Way of the Buffalo (June 3)
"The Woman Made of Flowers," (Audio) Drabblecast 259 (October 9)  
"Horseless," (Audio) Drabblecast 261 (October 30)

"Harvest" and "Turnaround" in Seasons in the Abyss, Blood Bound Books (January 29)
"Snake Eyes," (Paywall) BULL SPEC, Issue 5 (April 11)
"Necessities," Daily Science Fiction (April 25)
"And the Sky and the Ground and the Cold, Cold Air," Drabblecast, Episode 207 (June 8)
"Dandelions," (Paywall) BULL SPEC, Issue 6 (July)
"In Spite of Himself," (Audio) Journey Into..., Episode 4 (July 22)
"Their Stock is Down, but They Refuse to Die," (Audio) Drabblecast, Episode 217 (September 26)
"Creator," (Audio) Drabblecast, Episode 227 (December 24)

"The Stone Who Loved," (Audio) Drabblecast, Episode 154 (March 11)
"Vow," (Audio) Drabblecast, Episode 156 (March 25)
"Dear Occupant," (Audio) Drabblecast, Episode 158 (April 9)
"The Work That Must Be Done," (Audio) Drabblecast, Episode 166 (June 3)
"Parting the Veil," (Audio) Drabblecast, Episode 176 (August 22)
"Fetch," (Audio) Podcastle Episode 132 (November 23)
"Trajectory," (Audio) Drabblecast, Episode 190 (December 5)
"The Lights In-Between," 365 Tomorrows, (December 12)

"The Lady of Tilmarine," Hypersonic Tales, Issue 4 (November)