Sunday, October 4, 2009

Heroine Addict

(For reference.)

After Brian had gone, Dr. Gillicut sat for a time, contemplating the vial in his hands. Distilled. Isolated. Purified.

Moving hesitantly, Gillicut stood and approached the small refrigeration unit. He opened it with a puff of icy smoke. Rows of similar vials stood within. He fondled the vial in his hands, then turned.

He crossed to the closet. Inside, the mask and cape hung, still bearing the stains from his struggle against the tidal wave. “I’m supposed to be preventing this,” he muttered. “But I can’t stop. I can’t. Not yet.”

He downed the vial and reached for the costume.


AidanF said...

I like how the "one" story-line has two different plays.

r2d2y said...

a different take on "X-men" style anti-hero sentiments... so it really IS an illness. :)

Unknown said...

In the way addiction is an illness, I suppose.

And yeah, Fritz, I don't do continuity often, but sometimes I need to explore one of these ideas from another angle. (The ones that have a LOT more depth I save to rework into actual short stories.)