Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Debate

It's the first of the month, and that means, as is our fledgling tradition at this fledgling story-blog, that it's time for a Wisest Stone story. Yaaaay.


“My beliefs are not important,” said Taku. “It does not matter much to me either way. Still, he is the wisest of his kind and he has warned me of the consequences. Please, you must listen…”

“Bah!” said the lordling. “You talk nonsense. Stones do not speak. Stones do not fly. We will continue our attack until-“

There was a whistling sound, followed by a crashing of roof timbers and a squelching noise.

“I had a rebuttal,” announced the Wisest Stone from the place where the nobleman had stood. “I find, however, that I have forgotten the rest of it.”


Jim Murdoch said...

Actions speak louder than words, eh?

Unknown said...

Always and forever!

Don't tell the Wisest Stone, though. He's bad enough when he just talks.