Friday, October 16, 2009

The Herd Stock is Nearly Impossible to Feed Properly

“And this,” said Jabrik, “is one of our most popular models. The couch
is covered with real Brontosaurus leather.”

Kim nodded. “When are you bringing it out?”

“Ah,” said Jabrik. “That is its particular virtue.”

“I don’t understand,” said James.

“Do you know the color of Brontosaurus skin?” said Jabrik.

“Er, no,” said Kim.

“Nor does anyone else,” Jabrik announced, pleased with himself.

“Because they’ve never seen one. They’re extinct.”

“Partly true, and yet not wholly,” said Jabrik. “Things which used to be and are no more are rare and precious, but the true sybarite gathers things which never were.”

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