Friday, February 5, 2010

Guest Lecturer

OMG people. I forgot Wisest Stone Day and no one reminded me! Now I'm in for it. He's never gonna shut up about this one.


Taku consulted the shiny paper map. “I think the Philosophy Department is that way,” he said, pointing over his shoulder.

The Wisest Stone stood beside the sidewalk, out of place without a coat of garish paint portraying the school’s mascot. “What is the point? They talk and talk, endlessly, and yet they never take any actions to bring about change in the world. What value is someone who always criticizes and never accomplishes?”

Taku folded the map away. “You are much as they are.”

The Wisest Stone was silent for a moment. “True. But the difference is: I am right.”


AidanF said...

I imagine it went something like this:

Taku hunched over his computer and pondered the flash story. The pixelled words flowed before his eyes as he tried to whittle them down.

"Ahem," said The Wisest Stone.

Taku jumped, landed on the edge of his chair, and fell to the floor knocking some books off the bookshelf as he flailed to catch himself. The Wisest Stone's belly bulged over the upper shelf, which creaked under his weight.

"Umm... hi," said Taku. "I need to cut five more words."

"Perhaps." The Wisest Stone was silent for a moment. "You're late, I think you need to write one hundred words."

Scattercat said...