Monday, November 9, 2009

Man and Pack

Another corner. Another dark hallway. The glimmering gems in the floor no longer tempt me; my pack is full to bursting. They'll do me little good if I never escape this maze. Their luster dissipates quickly at a touch. At least I can tell where I have been already, so that I rarely backtrack.

I grow weak with hunger. Visions of succulent fruit dance before my eyes. I dare not stop. These caves are haunted by ghouls. Only the light of the stones holds them at bay, and that fades with every breath.

There must be an end, mustn't there?


r2d2y said...

what t-shirt would this be?

Scattercat said...

This one.

Wendy Sparrow said...

Sweet title choice as it can be either man and backpack or man and pack of ghouls.

Weird t-shirt.

Scattercat said...

Or, more specifically still, a "Pack Man."